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VISA to Vietnam

Citizens of the ASEAN countries, P.R. China, R. Korea, Japan and Russia may not need an entrance visa for a short visit (please, enquire at your local Vietnamese consulate). Visitors from all other countries should have a valid visa before departure. More information can be found at Vietnam immigration department.

In case you need an entrance visa for a short visit, you may use the "Vietnam Visa online Service" to obtain "Vietnam visa on arrival". It is convenient and without any help of Local Organizers.

In case you meet with difficulties, and need a help from the Local Organizers, please complete the visa form and return it to the secretariat at least 2 weeks before the departure day. The Local Organizers should send your visa data to the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam and apply for a visa approval for you. Then the Ministry of Public Security will inform the relevant Vietnamese embassy or consulate of the approval by fax, and we will notify you of the date of this fax as well as an approval number. After receiving our information, you should contact with the relevant Vietnamese embassy or consulate to do the next step. In general, you have to fill some visa application form with an indication to your approval number along with the date of the corresponding fax, to submit your passport with enclosed photos, to pay some visa fee, etc.


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