(Ha Noi, December 2 - 5, 2009)




To go from Noi Bai International airport to hotels in Hanoi center and vice versa (see a map here), the best way is to take a taxi from the taxi companies specializing in transportation service between Noi Bai and Hanoi center [Airport Taxi company (phone: 38733333); Noibai Taxi company (phone: 38868888); and Viet Thanh Taxi company (phone: 35636666)].

A taxi to the city-center takes about 40 minutes, and the price for a taxi with 4 places from Noi Bai to any places in Hanoi center is about 16USD (~ 230,000 VND).


For more information about Hanoi Center, MOD Palace and hotels, please see at: http://www.diadiem.com/


Usually, in September, the average temperature in Hanoi is about 25 degree Celcisus (25°C = 77°F).

For more information about Hanoi weather, click here to see weather Forecasts in Hanoi.


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