International Symposium


Advanced  Magnetic  Materials
( ISAMMí02 )
October 2-4, 2002
Halong Bay, Vietnam


Contact Addresses


Scientific Program

Other Information


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Conference Chairmen

N.V. Hieu, President of VPS
J.J.M. Franse, University of Amsterdam
C.N.R. Rao, J.Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore.

Organizing Committee

N. Chau,   Center for Materials Science, VNU (Chairman)
N.X. Phuc, Institute of Materials Science, NCST (Co-chair)
N.T. Thang, Institute of Physics, NCST (Secretary)

Program Committee


N.P. Thuy, ITIMS, Vietnam (Chair)
F. de Boer, Amsterdam University, Netherlands
B.T. Cong, VNU, Vietnam
D. Givord, CRNS Grenoble, France
L.V. Hong, NCST, Vietnam
N.H. Luong, VNU, Vietnam
R.W. McCallum, Iowa University, USA
P. Nordblad, Uppsala University, Sweden
H. Szymczak, Warsaw, Poland

International Advisory Committee

G. Asti, Universita Parma, Parma (Italy)

F. Boer, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

S.J. Campbell, Univ. New South Wales, Canberra (Australia)

J.M.D. Coey, Trinity College, Dublin (Ireland)

D. Fiorani, Area delle Ricerca di Roma, Rome (Italy)

D. Givord, Lab. Louis Neel, CNRS, Grenoble (France)

R. Grossinger, Techniche Univ. Wien, Wien (Austria)

G.C. Hadjipanayis, University of Delaware, Netwark (USA)

I.R.Harris, University of Birmingham, Birmingham (UK)

S.I.Lee, Pohang University, Pohang (Korea)

P. Nordblad, Uppsala University, Uppsala (Sweden)

C.K.Ong, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Y. Onuki, University of Osaka, Osaka (Japan)

A.K.Raychaudhuri, Dept. of Physics of IIS, Bangalore (India)

Shin Sung-chul, CNSM, KAIST, Taejon (Korea)

H. Szymczak, Institute of Physics, PAS, Warsaw (Poland)

M. Vazquez, Inst. de Ciencia de Materiales, Madrid (Spain)

A. Vassiliev, Moscow State University, Moscow (Russia)

Y. D. Yao, Institute of Physics. Acad. Sinica, (Taipei)

F.M. Yang, Institute of Physics, CAS, Beijing (China)