International Symposium


Advanced  Magnetic  Materials
( ISAMMí02 )
October 2-4, 2002
Halong Bay, Vietnam


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Scientific Program

Other Information


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             Up to now, the organizing committee has received and been committed with   

      sponsoring of the following organizations:

      - National Program on Basic Research  (NPOBR)

- Vietnam Physical Society (VPS)

- Vietnam National Center for Natural Science and Technology (NCST)

- Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU)

- Swedish-Vietnamese Research Cooperation Program Sida/SAREC-MOSTE

- Stichting Science International (SSI), Amsterdam,The Netherlands

- The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics ICTP (Trieste, Italy)

- The Asia Pacific International Centre for Theoretical Physics (AP-ICTP)

             Further sponsoring and support in any form to the symposium by any 

      persons and/or organizations are welcome.



   The scientific program will include plenary invited talks of 30 minutes each including discussions as well as oral presentations of 15 minutes with discussions and poster sessions. For the oral presentations, facilities with transparencies on overhead projectors and power-point files on computers are available. For each poster presentation a blank area of 0,90 m2 is available at the conference site. The selection of contributions to be presented orally according to the available time budget will be informed to all authors on the symposium website.

status of abstracts submission and pAPER PUBLICATION PROCEDURES

Up to now the secretariat has received about 100 abstracts, among which 70 from overseas scientists and groups. All invited speakers previously listed have confirmed their contributions. Information on the topics of the invited talks and on the acceptance of your abstracts can be found on the symposium web site:

All papers from oral and poster presentations, have to undergo an international refereeing procedure. The accepted papers will be published in a separate issue of an Elsevier journal, namely Physica B, Condensed Matter as The Proceedings of the International Symposium on Advanced Magnetic Materials (ISAMMí02), which will appear in May 2003.

Authors whose abstracts have been accepted by the organizing committee should prepare their full paper according to the format instructions for authors of Physica B: Condensed Matter. An invited paper can have a length of no more than 5 pages and an oral or poster contribution can be of no more than 3 pages. Please use the page calculation instruction of Physica B (see appendix on the website) to properly adjust your paper on length. In order to manage with the refereeing procedure, the publication committee requests the authors to submit their full paper manuscripts directly to the Committee Chair  (address below) not later than August 1, 2002. Beside the two hard copies for submission, authors should also send by e-mail to and , an electronic file in Win-word, version í97 onwards, or PDF format. These files will be used not only for refereeing but also placed on the conference website for information opened to all participants.

The full address of the Editor is:

Prof. Dr. Frank Boer

Van der Waals - Zeeman Instituut

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Valckenierstraat 65

1018 XE Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Phone: +31-20-5255717

Fax: +31-20-5255788



Note by Publication Committee:
      - Length of papers:

               5 pages for invited papers

               3 pages for contributed papers

      - PDF- Format can be applied for Web- publishing 

      - PDF- Format is not suitable for electronic submission to Elsvier 

      - Only accepted papers will be placed on the website

   For more detail, please read Instructions


The official symposium language is English.

The official registration fee is US$100 or E$105.  For the VPS members the conference fee is VND150,000.  The fee includes the transport Hanoi - Halong Bay - Hanoi, and the conference lunches. Payment in cash will be collected at registration desks both in Hanoi and at the conference site in Halong City. The Proceedings can be ordered separately at a special price of 40 Euro each for the soft bund and 50 Euro each for the hard cover copy. Participants are entitled to order copies of the proceedings book. Detailed instructions for ordering and payment for the proceedings will be given later also on the symposium web site.

The weather in the October season is moderately warm in both Hanoi and Halong Bay. Almost no rain is expected. The average temperature is 30 OC at day time and about 20 OC at night. The averaged air humidity is around 70‑80 %. Water temperature is about 20 to 22 OC, still convenient for swimming. Light clothing suitable for the tropical autumn and swimming suites are recommended.


     During the ISAMM02 conference a group tour will be organized through Halong Bay with its 

     numerous rocky islands and interesting cavities. The cost of this tour is included in the conference fee.

     In addition, interested visitors and/or their companions can take other tours to visit the ancient town of 

     Hanoi and/or several interesting places around the capital city, and/or in the attractive surroundings of 

     Halong City in the pre- or post-conference time. Tourism agencies will be present at the symposium for  

     your registrations. 

The daily expenditures can be accounted everywhere in Vietnamese Dong (VND). Bank notes in Euro and US dollars, and Travelerís checks as well can be changed into VND at all local banks and hotels. Current exchange rate is approximately 15,250 VND for one US dollar and 14,900 VND for one Euro. VISA and MASTER CARDS are easily accepted in almost all hotels while credit cards in some special ones and at a bank only (with an extra charges, as usual).

A conference shuttle van will be available to pick-up participants during the day of September 30, 2002 (only), from the Noi Bai International Airport to Hanoi (about 40 km long distance). Beside this, participants arriving on other days than September 30 can use Airport taxis or buses, which can cost approximately 10 $US per person (a combined trip of several persons is cheaper). The organizing committee will arrange bus transportation from Hanoi to Halong Bay on October 1, 2002 and back to Hanoi on the symposium closing day. Departure from Hanoi on October, 1 is planned at 15:00 from on of the hotel in the center of Hanoi. The charge for these transports is included in the conference fee. 

The organizing committee has reserved sufficient rooms for the participants to arrive and stay in Hanoi for a few days in advance. All participants are recommended to stay at least for one night (i.e. Sept. 30, 2002) in Hanoi before taking the bus transportation next day, because of the 160 km distance to Halong City. The average hotel rate in Hanoi is in the order of US$ 40. In Halong City, there are hotels situated very closed to the beach. The organizing committee has checked on an acceptable quantity and quality of rooms in several hotels, such as, The Heritage Hotel at rate 35 to 60 US$,  The Cong Doan (Labor Union) Hotel at rate from 25 to 30 US$, The Bien Dong (East Sea) Hotel at rate 25 t0 45 US$ or The Vuon Dao (The Apricot Garden) Hotel at rate from 25 to 30 US$ etc. The Heritage Hotel is situated in the middle of all the mentioned other hotels. More detailed information from the hotels in Hanoi and at Halong Bay can be found in the symposium web site. You can book your hotel yourselves by any means of communication. If there is a wish the secretariat can help in reserving a room at a hotel of your preference.

Overseas participants entering Vietnam should possess a passport with valid visa. Only visitors from some countries (ASEAN countries, Korea, India, China) holding an official passport can stay for 15 days without a visa. Tourist visa can be obtained at the Vietnamese Embassies or Consulates in the corresponding countries. Official invitations and official visa can be arranged through the symposium organizing committee. Those, who want to apply for visa, please send their brief CV to the secretariat Mr. Pham Xuan Tuong at For more information, please contact the secretariat on these issues or look up for information and instructions at the symposium web site.