International Workshop on Nanophysics and Nanotechnology 
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Overview reports:


1. Micro & Nano Technology Research

 Dean Mook,  Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR),  USA


2. MEMS and Nanotechnology at Tohoku Univ.

                                Esashi Masayoshi, New Industry Creation Hatchery Center (NICHE), Tokyo University, Japan


3. International Nano - & Micro - Technology efforts

            Miwako Waga, Global Emerging Technology Institute (GETI), Japan


4. Development of Nanosilicon Technology

                               Nobyoshi Koshida, Tokyo University of Agriculture &Technology, Japan 


                                5. Overview of current research on Physics of  Nanomaterials in IMS

                                Phan Hong Khoi, Institute of Materials Science (IMS), NCST Hanoi - Vietnam


6. Overview International Funding & Research Opportunities USA

            Brett Pokines, Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development (AOARD), USA


7. International Educational Opportunities

 Gary Sigmon, USA Embassy, Hanoi-Vietnam



Oral contributions:


1. Silicon micromachined piezorestistive sensor:  Development and application

N.D. Chien, V.N. Hung, D.V. Dung, T.Q. Thong, N.P. Thuy 

International Training Institute for Materials Science (ITIMS), Hanoi- Vietnam 


2. Kinetic of crystallization and magnetic properties of ultrasoft nanocrystalline materials.

N. Chau, P.Q. Thanh, V.H. Duong, N.H. luong, N.H. Nghi, L.V. Vu, B.T. Cong,  V.V. Hiep, N.X.Chanh 

Center for Materials Science  CMS,  Hanoi National University,  Hanoi - Vietnam


3. Giant Magnetoresistance and Magnetostriction in Nanostructured Multiplayers

N.H. Duc, T.M. Danh, D.T.H. Giang, N.T. Nam, and N.A. Tuan 

Cryogenic laboratory, Falcuty of Physics, Vietnam National University,  Hanoi - Vietnam


4. Approaches to Growing: (i) Carbon Nanotubes and (ii) Diamond Nano crystallites for Electron Field - Emission - Devices

(i) Le T.  T.  Tuyen1*, Phan Ngoc Minh2*, Takahito Ono3 and  Masayoshi Esashi1

1 New Industry Creation Hatchery Center  NICHE, Tohoku Univ.

2 Venture Business Laboratory, Tohoku Univ.

3 Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku Univ.

(ii) Chu Van Chiem, Nguyen Tuan Hong, Nguyen Xuan Nghia, Phan Hong Khoi, and Le T. T.  Tuyen

             Institute of Materials Science, NCST Vietnam

( *On leave from IMS, NCST Hanoi - Vietnam)


5. Nanocrystalline TiO2: Sol - gel process, characterization and application scopes

Nguyen Nang Dinh, Lab of  Thin Film Physics and Technology, IMS, NCST Hanoi - Vietnam   


6. Silicon microfabricated devices for nanoscale applications

Phan Ngoc Minh1*, Takahito Ono2, Masayoshi Esashi3

1 Venture Business Laboratory, Tohoku Univ., Japan

                2 Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku Univ., Japan

            3 New Industry Creation Hatchery Center, NICHE Tohoku Univ., Japan

(*On leave from IMS).


7.  Nanomaterials containing rare earth ions (By Sol - gel method)

Wieslaw Strek,  Insti. of  Low Temp. and Structure Research, Polish Academy of Science (PAS), Wroclaw, Poland 


8. Preparation, characterization and optical properties of CdS  semiconductor nanocrystals dispersed in sol-gel porous silica

Pham Thu Nga, Pham Van Hoi, Trinh Ngoc Ha, Nguyen Xuan Nghia, Pham Nam Thang, Phan The Long

Institute of Materials Science IMS, NCST Hanoi - Vietnam   

Vu Thi Kim Lien a, Nguyen Nhu Dat b and Charle Barthou c

a Thai Nguyen Pedagogic University

b Institute of Physics, NCST

c Laboratoire de Optique des Solides, University Pierre et Marie Curie


9. The NiO nanofilms prepared by RF reactive sputtering and their properties

Le Van Hong, Vu Dinh Lam, Phan Vinh Phuc,

Lab of Magnetism & Superconductivity,  IMS, NCST Hanoi - Vietnam


10. High coercivity magnetic materials obtained by quenching technique. 

Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Nguyen Huy Dan and Le Van Hong

Lab of Magnetism & Superconductivity,  IMS , NCST Hanoi - Vietnam   


                        11. Nanosize metallic materials prepared by precipitation of supersaturated

                        Nguyen Hoang Nghi, Do Minh Nghiep

                        Institute of Engineerring Physics, Hanoi University of  Technology HUT, Hanoi - Vietnam


12. Tunneling Studies on Nanostructured Instrinsic Josephson Junctions in Cuprate Single Crystals

Hu - Jong Lee, Department of Physics, Pohang Univ. of Science and Tech.


                        13. Room temperature magnetic semiconductor

                        Yoon Hee Jeong, Electron Spin Science Center, Pohang Univ. of Sci. and Tech.


14. Exciton in quantum dots

Nguyen Ai Viet, Nguyen Van Lien, Nguyen Hong Quang Inst. of Phys.,

NCST Vietnam


            15. Double shifted loops in the exchange - biased nanostructured PdMn/Co bilayer

            Nguyen Anh Tuan1 , Nguyen Nguyen Phuoc1, and Nguyen Phu Thuy1,2, International

            1Training Institute for Materials Science (ITIMS), Hanoi- Vietnam

             2Cryogenic laboratory, College of Natural Sciences, Vietnam National University, Hanoi - Vietnam