A final Proceedings containing manuscripts collected at the workshop will be produced. Supporting agencies will be acknowledged in all workshop literature.


It is proposed to advertise the workshop through an Internet site created by the local organization committee & domestic advertisement. Supporting agencies will be acknowledged in pre-workshop literature. Attendance will be on a first come registration fee will be charged to maximize attendance.


Supporting Agencies:





        - Vietnam Institute of Materials Science IMS & National Program on Basic Research 

        - AOARD 

        - The United States Army Research Office-Far East  ARO-FE  

        - The Asian Pacific International Centre for Theoretical Physics AP- ICTP


Passport and visas:

            Foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam should possess valid

            passport. Only visitors holding official passports from some countries 

            Including ASEAN (Korea, India, China) can stay for 15 days

            without a visa.  

Hotel reservation:

The Organizing Committee has reversed sufficient rooms for the participants to arrive to Hanoi for a few days in advance. All participants are recommended to stay at: Hanoi Opera Hilton Hotel, 1 Le Thanh Tong Str., tel: 084 04 9330500, Fax: 084 04 9330530, Website: www.hilton.com



After the IWONN'02, a tour to Halong Bay will be organized for 2 days