Programme (pdf)

The conference will be held in Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, on July 14-16, 2010

[14th July] [15th July] [16th July]

14th July

Morning session

8h30 – 9h00


9h00 – 9h40

RNA folding


H. Orland

9h40 – 10h20

Thermodynamics of attractive Fermi gases

(Cold Atoms)

F. Chevy

10h20 – 10h50

Coffee Break

10h50 – 11h30

Quantum phases and excitations of spatially anisotropic triangular antiferromagnets

(Frustrated magnets)

L. Balents

11h30 – 12h10

Quantum tranport of electrons in graphene


D. Mayou

Afternoon session


    Complex systems

14h00 – 14h40

Scaling at nano–scales

Mai Suan Li

14h40 – 15h20

Hidden Markov model in revealing movement behaviors of animals after exposure to toxic chemicals

Tae–Soo Chon

15h20 – 15h40

Permutation entropy applied to movement behaviors of Drosophila melanogaster in response to biological and environmental stressors

Yuedan Liu

15h40 – 16h00

Dispersal of Pine Wilt Disease using Spatially Explicit Model and Cross–Correlation Analysis

Tuyen V. Nguyen

16h00 – 16h30

Coffee Break

16h30 – 17h10

Using Entropy and Fractals to Enhance Mixing in Microchannels

M. Kaufman

17h10 – 17h30

Dynamics of Human Blood in a Vessel and Orientation Stress Tensor

G. Zaman

17h30 – 18h10

Magnetic Nanocapsules


Zhi–dong Zhang


    Cold Atoms

14h00 – 14h40

Infrared behavior of interacting bosons

N. Dupuis

14h40 – 15h00

Collective Dynamics of Bose–Einstein Condensates in Optical Cavities

M. J. Bhaseen

15h00 – 15h20

Imbalanced Fermi gases and dilute interacting Polarons

C. Mora

15h20 – 15h40

Phase of lattice hardcore bosons in a periodic external potential

Dang D. Long

15h40 – 16h00

Possibility of Entanglement Transferal in Uniform Electric Field

(Quantum information)

Chia-Chu Chen

16h00 – 16h30

Coffee Break

16h30 – 17h10

Confinement and fractionalization in one dimensional multicomponent fermionic systems

P. Azaria

17h10 – 17h30

Polarized superfluidity in the attractive Hubbard model with population imbalance

T. Lam Dao

17h30 – 17h50

Ordered States and Mott Transition States of Three–Component Fermionic Atoms in Optical Lattices

S. Suga

17h50 – 18h10

Polarized superfluid state in a fermionic optical lattice

A. Koga


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