Quy Nhon, 03 - 16 January 2008

Rencontres du Vietnam and Institute of Physics and Electronics in cooperation with Quy-Nhon University will organize the 14th Vietnam School of Physics (VSOP) from 03 - 16 January 2008.  

A mini-workshop, the 3rd PLSS, accompanying the school will be also organized in two parallel sessions: one for condensed matter physics and the other one is for particle physics and cosmology (please, see the program below). The workshop is designed mainly for participants of the school but other people are also welcome to attend the workshop. However, because of the limited budget, only a few people (who are not the school participants) are financially supported. Registration for talks and abstracts should be submitted to the organizers (via the VSOP email address vsop@iop.vast.ac.vn) before 30 December 2007.

The school and the workshop are partly supported by the APCTP (Pohang, Korea) and the Abdus Salam ICTP (Trieste, Italy) as external activities.

Scientific program

The school program will consist of common (plenary) and more specialized (parallel) sessions on the problems of

Quantum field theory and applications to particle physics
and condensed matter physics

lead by the following invited speakers in topics with condensed matter physics orientation:

  • Yunkyu Bang (APCTP, Pohang) :  Strongly correlated systems (plenary and parallel sessions).
  • Mukunda Das (Australian Nat. Univ., Canberra) :
    1. Common sessions: Introduction to the theory of superconductivity.
    2. Parallel sessions: Mesoscopic systems.
  • Philippe Lecheminant (University de Cergy-Pontoise, Cergy-Pontoise) :
    1. Common sessions: Applications of QFT in condensed matter physics.
    2. Parallel sessions: Exotic quantum phases in strongly correlated systems in dimensions larger than one.
  • Yann Michel Niquet (CEA, Grenoble):
    1. Common sessions: Introductory lecture on semiconductor nanostructures.
    2. Parallel sessions: Electronic properties of semiconductor nanostructures.

and in topics with particle physics and cosmology orientation:

  • Yoming Cho (Seoul National University, Seoul) : Extra dimensions and partilce physics/cosmology.
  • Pierre Darriulat (INST, Hanoi) : Introduction to cosmology. (plenary and parallel sessions).
  • Daniel Froidevaux (CERN, Geneva) : LHC detectors: concept, design, construction, expected performance with some historical keynote.
  • Debashis Ghoshal (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi) : Introduction to conformal field theory.
  • Sandrine Laplace (LAPP, Annecy) : Higgs boson search.
  • Pietro Slavich (CERN, Geneva) : Introduction to the SUSY extensions of the SM.
  • Tran Minh Tam (Univ. Lausanne, Lausanne) :  Experimental neutrino physics.
  • Vu Anh Tuan (Univ. Geneve and CERN, Geneva) : Particle physics at the LHC.

The program is also expected to contain mini-seminar sessions where participants can give short (20 min.) talks on the topics of their choice.




DATE (3 – 8 January)







8:30 – 9:30


Darriulat C1

Darriulat P1

Lecheminant M3

Darriulat P3

Lecheminant M5

Darriulat P5

Lecheminant M7

Darriulat P7

Exercises ( M)

9:40 – 10:40

Lecheminant C1

Slavich P1

Lecheminant M1

Darriulat P2

Lecheminant M4

Darriulat P4

Lecheminant M6

Darriulat P6

Lecheminant M8

Darriulat P8

Ex.ercises (M)

10:40 – 11:00


11:00 – 12:00

Lecheminant C2

Slavich P2

Lecheminant M2

Slavich P3

Exercises (M)

Slavich P4

Exercises (M)

Slavich P5

Exercises (M)

Slavich P6

Exercises (M)

12:00 – 14:00


14:00 – 15:00

Niquet C1

Ghoshal P1

 Niquet M1

Ghoshal P3

 Niquet M3

Ghoshal P5

Niquet M5

Ghoshal P7

Niquet M7

Mini-workshop (M1)

15:00 – 15:20


15:20 – 16:20

Niquet C2

Ghoshal P2

Niquet M2

Ghoshal P4

Niquet M4

Ghoshal P6

Niquet M6

Ghoshal P8

Niquet M8

Mini-workshop (P1)


Wednesday (9/1/2008) : FREE



DATE (10 – 15 January)







8:30 – 9:30

Slavich P7

Exercises (M)

Bang C1

Bang M1

Tuan P1

Bang M3

Froidevaux P1

Bang M5

Exercises (P)

Das M7

Tam P2

9:40 – 10:40

Slavich P8

Exercises (M)

Bang C2

Bang M2

Tuan P2

Bang M4

Froidevaux P2

Bang M6

Exercises (P)

Das M8  

 Tam P3

10:40 – 11:00


11:00 – 12:00



Froidevaux C

Laplace C



12:00 – 14:00


14:00 – 15:00


Das C1

Cho P1

Das M1

Cho P3

Das M3

Tam P1

Das M5


15:00 – 15:20


15:20 – 16:20

Mini-workshop (M2)

Das C2

Cho P2

Das M2

Cho P4

Das M4

Cho / Tam (?)

Das M6

Concluding discussions



C : Common session.
P : Particle physics and Cosmology (parallel session).
M : Condensed matter physics (parallel session).


  • Rencontres du Vietnam, France.
  • The Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy.
  • Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), Vietnam.
  • Institute of Physics and Electronics, VAST, Vietnam.
  • Quy Nhon University, Quy Nhon, Vietnam.
  • National Research Program for Natural Sciences (Grant No 402106), Vietnam.
  • Asia-Pacific Centre for Theoretical Physics, Pohang, Korea. (being applied for)

Advisory committee

  • Tran Thanh Van (Orsay, France)
  • Nguyen Van Hieu (Hanoi, Vietnam)
  • Seunghwan Kim (Pohang, Korea)
  • Seif Randjbar-Daemi (Trieste, Italy)

Organizing committee

  • Patrick Aurenche (LAPTH, Annecy)
  • Chia Chu Chen (NCKU, Tainan)
  • Pierre Darriulat (INST, Hanoi)
  • Philippe Dollfus (Univ. Paris Sud, Paris)
  • Nguyen Mong Giao (IPE, HCM city)
  • Pham Quang Hung (UV, Virginia)
  • Tran Tin Kiet (QU, Quy-nhon)
  • Nguyen Anh Ky (IPE, Hanoi)
  • Nguyen Minh Phuong (QU, Quy-nhon)
  • Nguyen Hong Quang (IPE, Hanoi)
  • Sang-Jin Sin (APCTP, Pohang)
  • Tran Minh Tam (Univ. Lausanne)
  • Vo Van Thuan (INST, Hanoi)
  • Ahpisit Ungkitchanukit (CU, Bangkok)
  • Nguyen Ai Viet (IPE, Hanoi)



All physicists interested in the school program can apply for participation in the school by submitting a completed application form, however, the priority will be given to second year master- and Ph.D. students as well as to young researchers and young university lecturers/professors.

Some financial support for junior participants, mainly those from countries in the region, may be available. The school is being planned to accept about 40 participants coming principally from research institutes and universities.

All application forms should be completed (uncompleted application forms will not be considered) and submitted to the address of the organizers:

Vietnam School of Physics (VSOP)
Institute of Physics and Electronics

P. O. Box 429, Bo-Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam
E-mail: vsop@iop.vast.ac.vn
Phone: (84-4) 766 2107 / 766 0221
Fax: (84-4) 766 9050

before 12 November 2007 (Monday).

Visa application

Citizens of the ASEAN countries, P.R. China, R. Korea and Japan may not need an entrance visa for a short visit. In case a visa application is needed, please, complete the visa form and return to the organizers (at the address above) at least 2 weeks before the departure day. Please, note that, an application for a tourist visa sometimes is possible and more convenient.


  • Dao Thi Hong (IPE, Hanoi)
  • Vo Thi Xuan Yen (IPE, Hanoi)

Contact address:

Ms. Dao Thi Hong
Institute of Physics and Electronics
10 Dao Tan, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Viet Nam
Fax: (84-4) 766 90 50 ; Tel: (84-4) 766 0221 / 834 7953 / 766 2107
E-mail: vsop@iop.vast.ac.vn

School Site

Quy Nhon University,
170 An Duong Vuong,
Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh.


Binh Duong Guest House
493 An Duong Vuong,
Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh.

Tel.: (84-56) 846267 (Reception)

Travel Information

If you arrive in Hanoi, HCM city or Da Nang first, you can go by train or fly to Quy Nhon. Train and flight information can be found from:


APCTP: Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics
CU: Chulalongkorn University.
IPE: Institute of Physics and Electronics.
INST: Institute for Nuclear Science and Technique.
LAPTH: Laboratoire d’Annecy-Le-Vieux de Physique Theorique.
NCKU: National Cheng Kung University.
QU: Quy-Nhon University.
UV: University of Virginia.