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The Center for Nuclear Physics was founded in 1987, under the Vietnam Academy of Science on the basis of Department of Nuclear Physics, Institue of Physics, by the Director’s decision of Science Institute of Vietnam. The Center for Nuclear Physics was acting as an independent research Unit until 1992 then moved into a Unit under the Institute of Physics. Forerunner of the Nuclear Physics Laboratory is Radioactivity Working Group which was established in 1965, under Math-Physics Committee of State Committee on Science and Engineering. In 1969, when the Institute of Physics was established, the Laboratory of Nuclear Physics became one of the first three laboratories of the Institute.

When newly formed, Radioactivity Working Group had only some simple nuclear devices such as Geiger-Muler counter tube and radiation single channel analyzer. Speciality duties of the group at the time are to measure and monitor the changing of radiation background, and are also to measure, calculate as well as determine the distribution and the projection of optimised dose of radioactive Radium-226 needles on the body.

Since the Institute of Physics was equipped with particle accelerators, such as 14 MeV neutron generator NA-3C (1974), electron accelerator Microtron MT-17 (1982) and a dedicated spectrometer system (scintillator detector, semi-conductor gamma detector, X-ray detector, multichannel amplitude analyzer,...) the study of nuclear physics really begins. At that time, those are the first accelerators in Southeast Asia. Some of the main research directions have been deployed as nuclear reactions and nuclear data for neutron of 14 MeV and photon at maximum energy of 15 MeV, as well as analysis research on neutron activation, on photon and X-ray fluorescence. They also developped research on nuclear methods and technologies, manufacturing equipment for nuclear research and applications.

Currently the Center for Nuclear Physics has partnerships with many advanced laboratories worldwide and the implementation of those partnerships has produced some results on modern equipments, which can not be equipped in Vietnam. From late 1980 to now, the Center for Nuclear Physics has trained many doctoral and master's degree in atomic and nuclear field. The Center's staff has been teaching at several universities in the country


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