The 5th International Conference on Flavor Physics
Hanoi, September 24-30, 2009


You can joint a half-day tour in Hanoi city (Sep 26) and/or a full-day tour in Ha-Long bay (Sep 27). These tours are especially organized for interesting ICFP participants and companions, with english speaking guides. Unless the number of our fellow participants interested is far too small, the tour will be run. We will cover all the trip expenses including transportations, tickets, soft food and drink. However, for Ha Long bay tour, the lunch with sea-food on sighseeing boats will cost 20 USD/person.

Registration for the tours should be done at the participant receiption section.

Hanoi City Tour

Visiting places

  1. Temple of Literature (info: english, vietnamese)
  2. National Museum of Vietnamese History (info: english, vietnamese)
  3. Thang Long Imperial City (info: english, vietnamese)

Schedule: 8:00 - 11:30, Sep. 26 (Saturday Morning). We will depart for the trip from the conference location at 8:00AM, and go back your hotels (Army, Hilton, HoaBinh, Melia) around 11:30.

Ha-Long Bay Tour


  1. Hanoi ---> Ha Long Bay
  2. Boating in Ha Long Bay
  3. Shoping
  4. Ha Long Bay ---> Hanoi

Schedule: 6:30 - 19:30 (Sunday). We will depart for the trip from the conference location at 6:30AM, and go back Hanoi around 19:30PM.


We plan to have a conference banquet at Melia Hotel in the evening of Sep 25 (from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM). All the ICFP participants and companions are invited.

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