The 5th International Conference on Flavor Physics
Hanoi, September 24-30, 2009






September 24
G. Mohanty CP Violation and Hints for New Physics at the B factories
E. Manoni Search for New Physics in rare B decays at BaBar
E. Ma Neutrino Theory: Some Recent Developments
T. H. Phat On the ansatz for gluon propagator
Y. L. Wu Understanding Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Confinement from Light Flavors in AdS/QCD
D. Zhuridov Low Energy Leptogenesis, Neutrino Masses and Dark Matter
C. Liu Supersymmetry and Extra Vector-like Generation
T. Araki Constrains on the Timeon Model
N. M. Chung Study B0 meson decay at the HaNoi GPHE

September 25
F. Bianchi Recent Results from BaBar
A. Lusiani Tau Physics Results from BaBar
Y. Hosotani Higgs from extra dimensions: LHC and dark matter
T. Inami Higgs-Inflation in 5D Super Yang-Mills theory
T. Eguchi Superconformal algebra and entropy of hyperKahler manifolds
H. Sugawara Photon photon collider and future of particle physics
T. N. Truong Bethe-Scwinger effective range Theory and Lehmann and Weinberg Chiral Perturbation Theories

September 28
G. Mohanty Prospects of SuperKEKB and Belle II experiment
P. Massarotti Search of New Physics with Kaon decays at NA62
C. S. Lim Precision Tests and CP Violation in Gauge-Higgs Unification
M. C. Rodriguez Neutrino Masses in the Supersymmetric SU(3)C X SU(3)L X U(1)X Model with right-handed neutrinos
F. BianchiThe SuperB Prospect
W. F. Chang Realistic Quark Mass Matrices in the Custodial Randall-Sundrum Model
Y. Kuno Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation with Muons
(The talk file separated into 3 pieces in order: Part1, Part2, Part3)
N. T. Phong Leptogenesis in supersymetric seesaw model in a softly broken S4 model
N. C. Linh The scattering process gg-->bbH at LHC: Born term problem

September 29
T. Nakada Flavour Physics at LHC
V. V. Thuan Search for earth-skimming muon neutrinos at Pierre Auger surface detector array
K. Kleinknecht Weak quark mixing- why Kobayashi and Maskawa obtained the Nobel prize 2008
J. Tandean Large Mixing of Light and Heavy Neutrinos in Seesaw Models
T. Goto Flavor physics in the Little Higgs model
N. V. Tho A test for the local intrinsic Lorentz symmetry
H. N. Long Higgs phenomena in the economical 3-3-1 models
C. C. Lih Pion transition form factor in the light fornt quark model
L. D. Thong Search for time variation of the fine-structure constant using emission – line multiplets

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