The 5th International Conference on Flavor Physics
Hanoi, September 24-30, 2009

Deadline for Registration and Submission

RegistrationJuly 31, 2009 --> August 20, 2009
Abstract August 15, 2009 --> August 20, 2009
Manuscript December 1, 2009 --> August 15, 2010

See also other important dates and location.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is 200 USD (100 USD for students). The fee may be paid by bank transfer (please find our bank-account information at: DOC, PDF) or at the opening of the conference (i.e., at the participant reception section). We are sorry that we accept payment for the fee only in USD. Your fee will cover admission to daily coffee break, banquet, tours, program and abstract book.

Online Registration and Submission

Please click on the sub-options in the left-side of this page to register and submit online.

For submission, you need to login into your account first. Your submissions such as abstract and manuscript would be done therein. If you have not yet an account, please register now.

Offline Registration and Submission

The offline registration and submission are not encouraged! However, for some reason you can not use on-line registration/submission, please fill out the registration-form (DOC, PDF) and send it or your file of abstract or manuscript to the secretariat by email or post mail.

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