Scientific Program & Lecture Notes

Andreas Lauchli (Universität Innsbruck Institut für Theoretische Physik)
"Computational Approaches to Quantum Many Body Systems"
  1. Exact Diagonalization and applications
  2. DMRG/Tensor Network Methods and applications
  3. (Quantum) Monte Carlo Methods and applications
Giuseppe Mussardo (SISSA-Trieste)
"Introduction to Anyon Systems”
  1. Spin-statistics
  2. Braid group
  3. Rules of the game
    (a) Fusion rules
    (b) Associatity: F-matrix
    (c) Braiding
  4. Quantum dimensions
  5. Topological computation
Xin Wan (Zhejiang Institute of Modern Physics)
“Anyons and quantum computation in quantum Hall systems”
  1. 2D electron gas, FQHE and anyons
  2. FQH wavefunctions and CFT
  3. Moore-Read state and experiments
  4. TQFT and quantum computation
Kwek Leong Chuan (Centre for Quantum Technology, Singapore)
“Entanglement Theory”
  1. What is a qubit?
  2. Density matrix formalism
  3. Pure and mixed states
  4. Entangled states; what is entanglement?
  5. Measures of bipartite entanglement
  6. Bell inequalities
  7. Entanglement witnesses
  8. Multipartitie entanglement
  9. Topological entanglement
  10. Recent advances in entanglement (if I have the time)
Daniel Nagaj (Faculty of Physics, Wien)
“ Introduction to Quantum Computing”
  1. Quantum computing: how and what can one do with unitaries
  2. Entanglement and correlations: are they strange, are they useful?
  3. Quantum error correction codes: basic tools to fight decoherence
  4. Elementary quantum algorithms: what is QC good for/intro to complexity
Andreas W.W. Ludwig (University of California, Santa Barbara)
“Aspects of Topological Phases“
  1. Interactions between Non-Abelian Anyons – Analogies with Quantum Magnetism
  2. Interactions in One-dimensional Systems – Exact Solution
  3. Reinterpretation of One-dimensional case - broader significance, and higher dimensions
  4. Introduction to Topological Insulators and Superconductors, and to their Classification (if time permits)
Lecture Notes
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