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NrFull namePositionPresent workplace
1Dinh Thanh BinhResearcherCenter for Scientific Information, VAST
2Bui Hong NhungPh.D. studentTaiwan
3Ngo Tuan AnhPostdocUniversity of Wisconsin, USA
4Vuong Kim AuPh.D. studentTexas A&M University (USA)
5Nguyen Duong Bo
6Hoang Ngoc CamRetiredHanoi
7Nguyen Hai ChauPh.D. studentUniversity of Cologne (Germany)
8Nguyen Hong ChuongGiám đốcCông ty Fintec
9Nguyen Nhu DatEmeritusCenter for Theoretical Physics
10Nghiem Thi DiuPostdocNational Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
11Hoang Thi Kim DungRetiredHanoi
12Nguyen Lai DuyenEmeritusHanoi
13Le Viet DungTrung tâm Công nghệ Thông tin Thừa Thiên – Huế
14Ly Quoc DungResearch fellowBrunel University, London, UK
15Phan Duc DungPh.D. studentUniversity of Texas at Austin
16Nguyen Tat DatPh.D. studentUniversity of Minnesota (USA)
17Nung Van DonDiploma studentThe Abdus Salam ICTP, Trieste, Italy
18Phung Van DongPhenikaa Institute for Advanced Studies
19Dao Vong DucEmeritusTrung tâm Vật lý lý thuyết
20Nguyen Van DucPh.D. studentUniversity of South Florida (USA)
21Bach Huong GiangLecturerCollege of Science, VNU, Hanoi
22Nguyen Duc GiangPh.D. studentUniversity of California, Berkeley
23Nguyen Hong HaPassed away
24Vinh HaoViện Khoa học và Công nghệ Nha Trang
25Dao Le HienPh.D. studentUniversity of Maryland (USA)
26Do Thi HienPh.D. studentNational Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
27Nguyen Thi Lam HoaiResearcherInstitute of Physics, VAST
28Nguyen Thi HoaPh.D. studentUniversity of Western Ontario (Canada)
29Dao Thi HongSpecialistPlanning and Finance Department, Vietnam Academy of Science & Technology
30Le Tho Hue
31Vu Quang HuyPh.D. studentGermany
32Vu Thi Ngoc HuyenResearcherInstitute of Biomedical Physics, Ho Chi Minh City
33Nguyen Thanh HuyenPh.D. studentBiophysics Program, Ohio State University (USA)
34Nguyen Quang HungLecturerTan Tao University
35Do Phi HungPh.D. studentUniversity of Southern California
36Nguyen Que HuongAssoc. Prof.Marshall University, USA
37Nguyen Thu HuongLecturerHanoi University of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi
38Phung Duy Khuong
39Pham Le KienProfessorVienna University of Technology, Austria
40Trinh Trong KienPh.D. studentUniversity of Southern California (USA)
41Hoang Anh Tuan KietLecturerTan Tao University
42Nguyen Van LienEmeritusCenter for Theoretical Physics
43Duong Xuan LongTeacherNam Dinh
44Dang Dinh LongLecturerCollege of Technology, VNU, Hanoi
45Nguyen Duc LongHanoi
46Mai Xuan LyProfessorInstitute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)
47Tran Thi MenPh.D. studentJacobs University, Bremen, Germany
48Vu Xuan MinhRetiredHanoi
49Cao Hoang Nam
50Tran Van Ngoc
51Nguyen Cong KienPh.D. studentUniversity of South Florida, USA
52Phan Van NhamPh.D. studentMax-Planck Institute, Dresden (Germany)
53Dao Thi NhungPh.D. studentMax Planck Institute, Munich (Germany)
54Le Duc NinhPostdocMax Planck Institute, Munich
55Ngo Thi Thu PhuongUSA
56Ha Dai PhuocAssoc. Prof.Towson University, USA
57Doan Nhat QuangRetiredHanoi
58Nguyen Vinh QuangRetiredHanoi
59Cao Van SonPh.D studentUSA
60Dam Thanh SonFull ProfessorUniversity of Chicago, USA
61Hoang Hong SonAssoc. Prof.CNES, Toulouse (France)
62Nguyen Toan ThangEmeritusCenter for Theoretical Physics
63Nguyen Ngoc ThuanRetiredHanoi
64Nguyen Thi ThuyMaster studentYonsei University, Seoul (S. Korea)
65Le Anh ThuResearch Assistant ProfessorKansas State University, USA
66Hoang Manh TienPh.D studentGeorgia Institute of Technology (USA)
67Ngo Minh ToanPostdocUniversity of Maryland (USA)
68Nguyen Thi Thu TrangTeacherHanoi
69Nghiem Thi Thu TrangPh.D. studentIEF, Paris-Sud 11, Orsay, France
70Nguyen Manh TrinhPostdocUniversity of Western Ontario (Canada)
71Tran The TrungDirectorFPT Technology Research Institute
72Dai Van TruongPh.D. studentNational Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
73Do Hoang TungResearcherCenter for Technical Physics, Institute of Physics, VAST
74Phi Quang VanOfficerMinistry of Public Security
75Nguyen Ai VietVice DirectorInstitute of Information Technology, VNU, Hanoi
76Hoang Van VinhPh.D studentUniversity of Virginia, USA
77Nguyen Hoang VuPh.D. studentJoint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna
78Vu Thi Hai YenTeacherHa Noi