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Tạp chí SCI

TTTên công trìnhTác giảTạp chíTậpSố TrangNăm
1Enhancing entanglement of two qubits undergoing independent decoherences by local pre- and postmeasurementsZhong-Xiao Man, Yun-Jie Xia and Nguyen Ba An Physical Review A860523222012
2Preformed heavy electrons: A possible origin of characteristic energy scale in YbRh2Si2Minh-Tien Tran, A. Benlagra, C. P´epin, and Ki-Seok Kim Physical Review B851651182012
3Phase diagram for a topological Kondo insulating systemMinh-Tien Tran Tetsuya Takimoto and Ki-Seok Kim Physical Review B851251282012
4Manipulating entanglement of two qubits in a common environment by means of weak measurements and quantum measurement reversalsZhong-Xiao Man, Yun-Jie Xia and Nguyen Ba An Physical Review A860123252012
5Deterministic joint remote preparation of an arbitrary three-qubit state via Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen pairs with a passive receiverYan Xia, Qing-Qin Chen and Nguyen Ba An J. Phys. A: Math. Theor.453353062012
6Deterministic Joint Remote Preparation of an Arbitrary Qubit via Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen PairsCao Thi Bich, Nung Van Don , Nguyen Ba An Int J Theor Phys512272–22812012
7Coulomb interaction effects in graphene bilayers: electron-hole pairing and plasmaron formationVan-Nham Phan and Holger Fehske New J. Phys.140750072012
8The µ − e conversion in nuclei, µ -> e, µ ->3e decays and TeV scale see-saw scenarios of neutrino mass generationD.N. Dinh, A. Ibarra, E. Molinaro and S.T. Petcov JHEP081252012
9Question of Peccei-Quinn symmetry and quark masses in the economical 3-3-1 modelP. V. Dong, H. N. Long, H. T. Hung Physical Review D860330022012
10Lepton-flavor violating decays of neutral Higgs to muon and tauon in supersymmetric economical 3-3-1 modelP.T. Giang, L.T. Hue, D.T. Huong, H.N. Long Nuclear Physics B86485–1122012
11Single-valued estimation of the interface profile from intersubband absorption linewidth dataDoan Nhat Quang, Nguyen Nhu Dat, Nguyen Thanh Tien, Dinh Nhu Thao Applied Physics Letters1001131032012
12S_3 flavor symmetry in 3-3-1 modelsP. V. Dong, H. N. Long, C. H. Nam, and V. V. Vien Physical Review D850530012012
13Phase transition in the half-filled ionic Hubbard model: mean-field slave boson studyDuc-Anh Le, Anh-Tuan Hoang Modern Physics Letters B2611500162012

Tạp chí SCIE

TTTên công trìnhTác giảTạp chíTậpSố TrangNăm
1General formula for symmetry factors of Feynman DiagramsL.T. Hue, H.T. Hung and H.N. Long Reports on Mathematical Physics69331-3512012
2Gauge Boson Mixing in the 3-3-1 Models with Discrete SymmetriesP. V. Dong, V. T. N. Huyen , H. N. Long, and H. V. Thuy Advances in High Energy Physics20127150382012
3Radiatively Generated Leptogenesis in S4 Flavor Symmetry ModelsT. Phong Nguyen and P. V. Dong Advances in High Energy Physics20122540392012

Tạp chí không thuộc SCI

TTTên công trìnhTác giảTạp chíTậpSố TrangNăm
1Mott transition in the 2-band Hubbard model: A coherent potential approximation studyLe Duc Anh, Hoang Anh Tuan Communications in Physics [National journal, ISSN 0868-3166]22223-2282012
2Curie temperature of diluted magnetic semiconductors: The influence of the antifferomagnetic exchange interactionVu Kim Thai, Le Duc Anh, Hoang Anh Tuan Communications in Physics [National journal, ISSN 0868-3166]22141-1462012
3Effect of the direct exchange interaction between magnetic impurities on magnetization in diluted magnetic semiconductorsVu Kim Thai, Le Duc Anh, Hoang Anh Tuan Communications in Physics [National journal, ISSN 0868-3166]2253-572012

Trên tuyển tập hội nghị

TTTên công trìnhTác giảTuyển tậpTậpSố TrangNăm

Chương sách

TTTên công trìnhTác giảTên sách, chủ biên, NXBTậpSố TrangNăm


TTTên công trìnhTác giảNhà xuất bảnTậpSố TrangNăm
1Non-Abelian Gauge Symmetries beyond the Standard ModelHoang Ngoc Long, Vicente Pleitez, Marc Sher and Masaki Yasue Advances in High Energy Physics, Hidawi Publishing Corporation2012