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PHYSICS OF ATOMIC NUCLEI 82, 168-182 (2019)

ISSN: 1063-7788, SCI

Fermion Mass and Mixing in a Simple Extension of the Standard Model Based on T7 Flavor Symmetry

V. V. Vien, H. N. Long

We build a simple Standard Model extension based on T7 flavor symmetry which accommodates leptonmass, mixing with non-zero θ13, and CP violation phase. The lepton mixing matrix is obtained from three triplets and one singlet under T7 symmetry, and the charged-lepton mass is derived through the spontaneous symmetry breaking by just one T7 triplet (φ), while neutrinos get small masses from one SU(2)L doublet and two SU(2)L singlets in which one is in 1 and the two others are in 3 and 3∗ under T7, respectively. There exist viable parameters of the model that predict the effective Majorana neutrino mass with valuesmβ  10−2 eV and 4.95× 10−2 eV as well as a lightest neutrino massmlight  4.97× 10−3 eV and 1.61 × 10−3 eV for the normal and inverted neutrino mass hierarchies, respectively. The model also gives a remarkable prediction of Dirac CP violation δCP  303.3◦ in the normal hierarchy and δCP  56.69◦ in the inverted hierarchy which is still missing in the neutrino mixing matrix. The quark mixing angles of the model are closed to the experimental data, whereas the obtained values for the quark masses are consistent with with the experimental data at the tree level.

DOI: 10.1134/S1063778819020133

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