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Seminar on Theoretical and Computational Physics:
TitleTkachenko mode from a field-theoretical perspective
SpeakerProf. Dam Thanh Son
AffiliationUniversity of Chicago
DateMonday, 18-07-2022
Time10:00 AM
LocationMeeting Hall (8th floor), 2H building, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Hanoi
AbstractA rotating two-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensate contains a vortex lattice. The Tkachenko mode is the elastic wave propagating on this vortex lattice. In contrast to the conventional sound waves in a solid, the Tkachenko mode has a quadratic dispersion relation $omega sim q^2$. We rederive this dispersion relation using a field-theoretical approach based on duality and find the decay rate of the mode.
Host personTrần Minh Tiến